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Alibaba Reading Book Activity 【2019-07-02】
Alibaba's board of directors join Ming Xin Academy to launch enterprise management reading club activity.
RONC company sponsored the grand opening of "enterprise management reading club" on On April 23, 2019, which established ''Ming Xin Academy Reading Club''. It is made up of five alibaba senior managers and ten enterprise bosses. Guangzhou RONC is one of the core members of the founding members and achieved good activity effect.
On April 23th is the world reading club, in order to make more Chinese entrepreneurs become better managers, we get together and read a management book every month to learn from and share with each other.
Good internal management can build an excellent team, Good team can bring better services to customers. RONC who has been keep working hard, thanks again to more than 70 countries every customer for their trust in RONC.

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